LAME (an acronym for Let’s Achieve More Events) is a mobile app that provides a platform for event organisers to hire part-timers for events in Malaysia. While developing this app, Whoosh Media ensured that LAME has an interactive user interface so that organisers and interested applicants to easily get in touch and interact with each other. We also proposed to use the colour orange as the app’s primary hue to give it a fun and vibrant layout. Moreover, pop art were also utilized to mimic the comic book elements seen in the ‘70s for the app to stand out from other job hunting platforms available today.
BassFREQ is a platform dedicated to providing custom-made bass guitars, top-notch equipment, and complementary accessories which will bring out the player’s skills. BassFREQ is the only store in Singapore that sells solely bass guitars. Whoosh Media was entrusted to help BassFREQ to redesign their corporate logo, making it more stylish and fitting for this digital age. The new logo is a combination of the letters ‘B’ and ‘F’ with bass strings, signifying its unique position as the bass guitar specialty store. Moreover, Whoosh Media also worked closely with the founders of BassFREQ to create its e-commerce website, designing to generate sales and leads online.
Rhythmic gymnastics is widely regarded as one of the most graceful sports today and Malaysia has one of the best rhythmic gymnastics team in the ASEAN region. Therefore, Whoosh Media is honoured to be selected as the sponsorship agency for the Malaysia’s national rhythmic gymnastics team. As the official sponsorship agency, we are assigned to come out with the sponsorship kit and look for sponsors to fund their training and activities for the year 2019. Apart from being the official sponsorship agency, Whoosh Media will also be crafting the team’s social media strategies so that Malaysians can stay updated with their progress and show continuous support to the athletes. We also redesigned the team’s logo to reflect their status as Malaysia’s national team; the new logo now combines a hibiscus – Malaysia’s national flower – and a gymnast. The new-and-improved logo also features the four colours of the Malaysia flag, further symbolizing the team as the national representatives.
If Home Center is a furniture store dedicated to providing the best furniture at competitive prices. Combining innovative social media strategies and creative digital campaigns, Whoosh Media assists iF Home Center to reposition themselves as a producer of functional and stylish functional in the eyes of end users. We also rebranded their logo to give the company a more modern design to befit its multi-functional and innovative product inventory. Apart from the above, Whoosh Media also comes out with ingenious ideas and strategies to generate sales leads and engage target audiences. One of the approaches used is social media marketing, where we manage the iF Home Center’s Facebook account. This ensures that the company is ever ready to respond to customers’ feedback and inquiries.
Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that is often associated with elegance, poise, and empowerment. With that said, Whoosh Media redesigned the logo so that it showcases these traits; pastel colours are used to give the logo an elegant yet stylish appeal. Apart from designing the logo, Whoosh Media is also trusted to design SRGC’s event collaterals – event icons, backdrops, teardrop banners, etc. to achieve a sense of uniformity and consistency across all the materials. Whoosh Media also manages the club’s Facebook page and social media initiatives for the right audiences to be engaged and at the same time making sure that any feedback and inquiries can be addressed in a timely and professional manner.
Rehoboth provides cutting-edge security system solutions to keep your properties and assets safe and property from intruders at all times. To ensure that the company stays relevant in the industry today, Whoosh Media advised Rehoboth to undergo a rebranding exercise. Therefore, Whoosh Media redesigned a new logo for the company by combining a shield (representing protection) and the letter ‘R’ (the company’s first initial). The end result is a stylish and modernistic logo, befitting a company which specializes in offering cutting-edge security systems.
Jia Tian Wang, a brand under leading interior designers in Singapore – SkyCreation, is a one-stop online platform that provides homeowners with easy access to a myriad of home-related fixtures and peripherals such as lightings, décor, and furniture for the China market. For this project, Whoosh Media designed the entire website from scratch, including its logo, concept, and user interface. We also decided to use Mandarin as the main language for the website to make it easier for Jia Tian Wang to penetrate into the China market. The website features a simplistic yet easy-to-navigate layout so that users can access the items they require easily. Being an e-commerce platform that has so many products to offer, Whoosh Media also made sure that the website has a clean and stylish finish to prevent it from looking cluttered or disorganized.
An interior design based in Singapore, MJS assist its domestic and international clients to design concepts for their homes that complement their personality and lifestyle. Their interior design concepts primarily revolve around being elegant and timeless. Whoosh Media ran a rebranding exercise to reflect their design philosophy throughout the entire brand, which included redesigning their logo. The redesigned logo creatively adopted floor plan elements to spell out the word “MJS” while retaining the company’s signature green colour. Whoosh Media also provided various print media and social media solutions to notify the company’s existing clients and targeted audiences about the company’s rebranding. These brilliant strategies enabled MJS to drive traffic to its new website and generate new leads digitally.
EXCEL Korean Pole System is an innovative storage space solutions provider which offers customizable modular wardrobe that suits every home. EXCEL Korean Pole System allows you to custom build your very own wardrobe to perfectly accommodate the interior of your home based on your storage needs. Its microsite provides even more convenience, as it allows you to customize your own wardrobe directly from your smartphone. Whoosh Media was assigned with the task to build the UI/UX for the microsite and make it easy to use and navigate. The mobile app microsite has been designed to feature an on-app customization function which enables you to easily personalize the wardrobe according to your taste and preference. The multitude of poles, compartments, and fittings are also categorized systematically in the mobile app, enabling users to mix and match easily. Moreover, Whoosh Media also designed the overall layout of the microsite. The signature red colour in the company’s corporate logo is used prominently, making it easily identifiable as a product of Excel Pole System.
By incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology – virtual reality – Altum VR is bringing a breath of fresh air to the property industry via the AirProp mobile app. The AirProp app enables real-estate agents to showcase a property and its amenities to the buyers without the latter being physically present at the location. The agent only needs to log in to the mobile app and connect to the buyers, put on the VR goggles, and walk around the property for the buyers to know all about it. Whoosh Media was assigned to build the UI/UX for the AirProp application to make it interactive and user-friendly for both the property agents and the buyers. Apart from the UI and UX, we also designed the overall design of the app as well as its logo which resembles a VR goggle, reflecting the app’s unique feature.
Ataz Haus is an established interior design firm that have turned many Singaporeans’ dream homes into reality with their creative design concepts and keen eye for detail. Whoosh Media underwent a full-scale rebranding exercise for Ataz Haus Singapore which befits their status as an innovative and forward-thinking interior design firm. This included redesigning their corporate logo, creating a new website, printing newly-designed name cards, and many more. Apart from the above, we also help Ataz Haus to manage its Facebook page so that they can remain interactive and respond to customers’ feedbacks and enquiries in a timely and professional manner. By implementing unique social media strategies and creative ideas, Whoosh Media has helped Ataz Haus to generate sales leads online.

Globalfoundries is a world-class semiconductor foundry which specializes in manufacturing high-quality integrated circuits in high volume to technology companies around the world. Whoosh Media came out with the Zero Excursion Zero Defect campaign in conjunction with the company’s Automotive Week.

Other than idealization of the campaign, we were also actively involved in other aspects of the campaign, including creating the storyboards and directing the promotional videos, a full-fledged music video, coming out with the campaign theme song, logo, and tagline, and many more.