What is web development?

Generally, web development refers to the task of developing websites for hosting either via intranet or Internet. On the other hand, the process involves web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, network security configuration and many more. Web development is commonly split into two sides – frontend (client side) and backend (server side). Some examples of client-side languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, etc. while server-side languages include Java, Python, ASP.net and others.

Why is a website important for your business?

Everything is online these days, so it only makes sense to have a presence online. Having a website for your business creates a good first impression especially to your potential customer’s. It’s also a method of showing them that you care about your business’s image. Nevertheless, a website should be at least visually pleasing and at the same time informative.

The next advantage of having a website is that your business is technically never closed, but without having to be awake for it. It provides potential customers accessibility anywhere at any time of the day and also helps resolve their curiosity, which makes it easier for them to approach your business.

Compared to social media, a business will have more permanence and control over their website. This is because you can never have full control of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instead, having a website is permanent and here to stay, but the success of it depends on its maintenance, UI/UX and a variety of other factors.

Owning a website is a great way of showcasing your work no matter what type of business you are in. It can be as simple as including a portfolio or an image and video gallery. Additionally, having testimonials about your product from past customers will also help your business grow tremendously.

Brand uniformity in any business is important as some companies work in several directions.

By simply browsing through a website it can help reduce the challenge of identifying which brand is associated with which company and cause less confusion to your potential consumers.

It is imperative for any business to have its own website as more and more consumers make their decision based on their online experience. A well-designed website can help a company to improve its credibility, generate sales, and increase long-term visibility – three important aspects that determine the sustainability of your business. Our web development service enhances your business’s presence on the Web. Whoosh Media prides on providing clients with honest opinions and insights that will take their business to the next level.