Excel Pole System

EXCEL Korean Pole System is an innovative storage space solutions provider which offers customizable modular wardrobe that suits every home. EXCEL Korean Pole System allows you to custom build your very own wardrobe to perfectly accommodate the interior of your home based on your storage needs. Its microsite provides even more convenience, as it allows you to customize your own wardrobe directly from your smartphone. Whoosh Media was assigned with the task to build the UI/UX for the microsite and make it easy to use and navigate. The mobile app microsite has been designed to feature an on-app customization function which enables you to easily personalize the wardrobe according to your taste and preference. The multitude of poles, compartments, and fittings are also categorized systematically in the mobile app, enabling users to mix and match easily. Moreover, Whoosh Media also designed the overall layout of the microsite. The signature red colour in the company’s corporate logo is used prominently, making it easily identifiable as a product of Excel Pole System.